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Wrestling Singlets

When looking for the right wrestling singlet you want to look at a bunch of different styles, you may go with the best wrestling singlets for your budget or the best designed ones to match your teams style.  

Choose the right style of singlet from low cut to high cut, men's or women's wrestling singlets, Greco-Roman to Folkstyle/Collegiate.  We offer the full lines of Cliff Keen, Matman, and Asics in our wrestling singlet line up.  When it comes to wrestling singlets time does matter.  If you go with a custom wrestling singlet you definitely want to start looking early to get a good idea of what kind of design you want.  

There are builders for the Brute Custom Singlets, and The Cliff Keen Custom Singlets, and the Matman Custom Wrestling Singlet Builder.  Make sure you leave 2 to 8 weeks for custom singlets.  Sometimes they can get them done in the 2-3 week range but when it gets closer to wrestling season they take longer as the demand is high.  This goes for custom sublimated wrestling singlets as well.

If you are short on time or just like the traditional style you can always go with the stock wrestling singlets from Asics, Cliff Keen, or Matman.  If you need help we are here to help, shoot us an e-mail or give us a call 1-800-811-1931.

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