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Kennedy Industry Products

Kennedy Industries has always been an innovator in the field of sanitation!

Developing a full line of products that do everything from kill parasites to keeping your gym floors clean for better traction in the game.

KenClean has become a staple of thousands of athletic programs across the country protecting athletes and keeping mats, floors and equipment clean and sanitary.  This concentrated cleaning solution does much more than make your surfaces sparkling clean it destroys the microscopic enemies of athletes.

KS Skin Creme is one fo the most important products in the line.  Simply apply to the skin and bacteria are no longer an issue.

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Other products include The Sole Mat which provides an easy and economical system for cleaning dust and debris from the bottom of athletes shoes.  This may not sound like something important but dust on the bottom of shoes reduces traction and can cause athletes to slide or slip on gym floors.  

Coaches and maintenance staff have come to love the Kennedy Industries Monster Mop and Bucketless Mop.  These two mops offer customers efficient ways to keep floors and mats clean and sanitary.  Once you use a Monster Mop you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

Kennedy didn't stop there though.  They round out there product line with body wipes, mopping buckets, surface wipes, hand sanitizer and more.  If you're not using Kennedy Industry products in your facility you should take a closer look at the advantage using them gives.