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HUGE Selection of Best Priced Gymnastic Mats and Tumbling Mats!

We have a large selection of gymnastic mats.  Choose from UCS or Nissen which both have excellent qualities.  Our tumbling mats are perfect for gymnastics, P. E. Class, cheer leading, Tumbling, and any other activity where you need some padding on the floor.  We have multiple sizes of tumbling mats so we are sure to have the size and type that fits your need.  We have your traditional folding panel mats, landing mats or fat mats, octagonal mats and more.  Give us a call and let us help you pick out your tumbling mat today!

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Gymnastic mats come in may styles: Landing Mats, Incline Mats, Panel Mats, Fat Mats, Octagonal Mats, Trapezoid Mats, and Wall Mats.  People use these mats for many things: gymnastics, martial arts, tumbling, fitness, or safety.  When choosing a mat you will want to consider what you need it for. Below are the description of some of the mats above and their use.

Panel Mats range from 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" in thickness and are available in many sizes and folding configurations.  They come in different firmness levels from soft to extra firm.  You would use a panel mat to do basic gymnastics or exercises like martial arts.  You would choose the firmness by the age and ability of the person using the mat.  These mats come is many sizes and you can get Velcro on the sides of the mat so they can be put together.  Panel Mats are basically for working directly on the mat and offer basic cushioning.

Fat Mats range from 8" to 12" in thickness and are available in many sizes and folding configurations.  These mats are thicker that the traditional panel mats to offer a little more cushioning.  These are used to encourage the development of motor skills at all levels and are a must for therapeutic, special ed., physical ed., early childhood and advanced gymnastic programs.  These mats usually have handles on the sides for easy transportation. 

Landing Mats range from 4" to 12" thickness and are available in many sizes and folding configurations.  These mats come in different thickness so they offer different levels of cushioning therefore different levels of safety.  This mat would be used for landings after doing certain gymnastics like the vaulting horse, rings, or balance beam.  They are also used for safety, like under climbing ropes and cargo nets. 

Octagonal Mats, and Trapezoid Mats are mainly used for fitness training and teaching the development of basic motor and gymnastic skills

So when picking a mat make sure you buy the right one for your needs.  It may surprise you that there are so many choices but when safety is the main issue you want to sure you have the right mat.