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Best Tug Of War Ropes on the Market!

We have a large selection of Tug a War ropes for your recreation program or office get together.  Tug of war ropes are a great recreational activity for people to test their strength against a worth opponent.  Choose from the strongest PowerPull tug o war ropes or the classic manila rope tug of war ropes.  We also have the classic ropes in all sizes and the 4-way tug of war ropes in the PowerPull and classic manila material.  If you are looking for a rope for tug of war we are the #1 supplier to schools and offices across the country.  Our pricing is among the best and on some ropes won't last long so make sure you order today!
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Tug of War... [Olympic Gold]

Tug of War is the challenge of brute strength between two teams. It is not known when the idea of tug of war was created but it is agreed upon that was a long time ago nbsp tug of war span such competitive activity included in the olympics from 1900-1920 1904 united states won not only gold medal silver and bronze aswell some top men were Oscar Olson, Sidney Johnson, Henry Seiling, Conrad Magnusson, Patrick Flanagan, these guys used their combined brute strength to defeat other countries.  

They may have been olympic athletes but the same thrill victory can still be felt today by any winning team.   This challenge has schools, gyms, clubs, and many businesses using tug of war ropes at company picnics.  These events bring fun competition bonds between employees.  

Choose right length..

Your ropes can be purchased in different lengths giving you custom fit use 100 when 6 people competing now get 4-way so you can have 4 teams compete at once.  For competition Tug of War and Olympic Tug of War, a larger rope is needed.  For these situations, a 120' rope is used. The extra length is so that red tape can mark the center and white tape can mark 15' out from the center on each rope.  A white line on the rope crossing a line on the ground constitutes a win. So, 30 feet of the rope is used just for determining who wins.  You do not have to have these exact measurements when you are competing just for fun.  You can set up the tape lines anyway you want, or you can just have it so a person's feet or the whole team has to cross a line to win.

Get the right grip!

There are also different diameters of grips you can get.  Ropes are available in .5", 1", and 1 .5". The most popular size for kids is 1", and the most popular for teens to adults 1.5".

Rope Material is a rough choice...

The material for tug of war ropes has come along way as well.  You have a choice of Grade A manila or an unmanila material.  Manila is a natural fiber and is a lot better wound than it used to be. Unmanila is a man made material that is similar to manila, but is lighter and holds up better than the manila, especially if the rope is stored outdoors. There are also ropes that are made out of durable webbing that can stand more that 5,000 lbs of force and ones made out of 100% cotton to protect fragile hands. Which ever you choose, the technology of the rope has been greatly improved with each to provide for a better grip and less wear on your hands.

Take on the [NEW Challenge]

So next time your in need of some healthy competition, think Tug of War! Challenge yourself, your business team or your students, who ever it is it's sure to be a good time!