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The Best Loop Top Climbing Ropes


Do not buy a climbing rope until you watch and read below!

Hi, I'm Justin and I have become a climbing rope expert by accident (Yes, that's me in the video above).  You see my family has been in the sporting goods business since 1931 and I have been in it since 2001 full time.  Not to mention my part time days, since I was old enough to walk... but that is a different story.

I have been supplying different models of climbing ropes over the years here at my family sporting goods business.  When you get a ton of feedback on products you sell... you become an expert by accident.

And... I have sold a lot of climbing ropes since they are an INCREDIBLE piece of exercise equipment!  

IN THE ABOVE VIDEO... I am recommending a loop top climbing rope and even stating it is the best rope to buy.  It really is perfect for cross fit, military, and home applications!!  It is the best rope you can buy!!


Simplicity.  I value simplicity and a loop top climbing rope makes owning a climbing rope super simple.  No need for any hanging hardware and you can hang it just about anywhere.  All you need is a beam or crossbar to hang the rope... making it super simple!! 

There ARE some applications where other ropes work better and if you have one of those contact me and I will recommend the right rope for you. 

BUT... this is the rope that 95% of people should purchase!


But... don't buy just ANY loop top climbing rope!  They are not all created equal!  

You can buy a rope from some random company on Amazon or online but you might not be buying the best. 

Having the best rope comes down to the manufacturer of the rope. 

You want a rope that is made with the best material and has the best weave. 

It sounds simple and it is!!!  

But if the manufacture making your rope does not source the best material then no matter how they weave it you will be SOL.

The Manufacture we Rep has been making ropes in the USA for over 40 years and we trust them and have had nothing but happy customers. 

Which makes us happy because it makes selling these ropes simple and as you know... I value simplicity! 

Quality, Long Lasting Rope = Happy Customer = Morley Athletic's Success!

So if you want a climbing rope... get the best one today!

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