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Best Starter Pistols and Blank Ammo Online! (Best Prices Too!)

We have been serving starting officials for 86 years with starter pistols, blanks, and accessories. We carry the best blanks in the industry, the Winchester .22 and .32 cal.  We recommend that you keep your spare blanks in a regulated climate like indoors and always clean your starter pistols after use, to keep them in proper condition for the next meet.  If you are looking for a starter pistol we have four to choose from.  Our selection is based on our experience and our customers.  Many have not held up to our standards.  If you are looking for a relatively cheap starter pistol with good quality, you will want to choose the Champion .22 cal or .32 cal.  The Champion stater pistol is a great choice for a starting official who does not do a ton of races.  For the starting official that does many races through out the year we recommend the Alfa .22 cal or .32 cal starer pistol.  The Alfa is a high quality starter pistol that has all the creature comforts needed in a reliable starter pistol.  Take a look at each one for the benefits and features of each.  If you have questions do not hesitate to give us a call.
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Starter Pistols are used to in track & field and at some swimming meets to start races.  Once the gun is fired the sound and smoke from the gun signal the competitors to start running or swimming.  Electronic starting guns are now available for use in starting races as well.  Starting Pistols are also used to train dogs.  Starter pistols or Blank guns are useful in train dogs for hunting and for other situations where the loud sound of a firearm will be heard.  Using a blank gun helps train the dog for the loud sound so they will not get confused or scared when out in the field.

Highlighted Customer Testimonial

Interesting how a business transforms itself over time to keep in sync with where the market is going.  I suppose that’s why we aren’t “driving” horses anymore. Image today’s city commute via the old tried and true equestrian method that had worked for thousands of years previously…

Anyway, my “pup” is a 5-year old Alaskan malamute that should have been used as sled dog, but instead gets to run free from 5 a.m. until whenever he decides he wants to come in at dusk. (As a little pup from the shelter, he got loose when I first brought him home and he skedaddled out into the woods and wouldn’t come in. I thought a coyote, wolf, owl or something else had got him, but after 4 or 5 days in the woods, I caught a glimpse of him on the night vision camera I set up. Ended up having to live trap him with a bear trap after a week.Some dog…anyway, the one thing for sure is he turns into a henny penny at the sound of thunder, fireworks or gun fire in the vicinity, so my new “Morley SureFire Dog Whistle Retrieval System” should do the trick when I need my dog to get his butt home when I want him to and not when he’s decided he’s had enough of living the life of Reilley.

Thanks for your help.

Steve Parks

Customer Follow Up

Hi Debi,

 Just to let you know — the Morley SureShot Dog Retrieval System (patent pending) works 100% as advertised!

After a quick volley of two shots out back, and faster than I could say “Eat your heart out, Rin Tin Tin”, my dog Max (oftentimes referred to as Mad Max for obvious reasons), was by my side, obediently waiting to come Inside.

Steve Parks, Mgr.

Tuf Luv Dog Disciplinary Dept.


"I was looking on-line for a new source for Track & Field equipment.  I found Morley Athletic on-line and was impressed by their reasonable prices.  I ordered a starting pistol and two boxes of 22 caliber shells for the pistol.  I was amazed that I received my order in Michigan approximately forty-six hours after I placed the order.  I  have recommended Morley Athletic to all my coaching and Track official colleagues.
Livonia, Michigan

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