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[PLAYERS CHOICE] Signature Lacrosse Men's Universal Lacrosse Stick Attack / Middie

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Morley # : MA32511


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The Signature Lacrosse Attack / Middie Universal complete stick is not your average lacrosse stick. This baby was designed from the ground up and is really nothing short of revolutionary.   Signature lacrosse didn't just use some old mold, they really did the work on this one and it shows.

" I've taken this stick to lax practices and the amount of attention it gets is astounding.  Coaches and players alike want to give it a try.  They love the little bit of grip on the ultralight but strong 7001 series shaft, the head is beautifully designed for durability and light weight and the pocket, well the Magik mesh pocket is amazing right out of the box.  The pros know how important these qualities are and they approve."

-Ken Morley III


  • 12 Month Guarantee (see images)
  • Durable, Light-Weight and Pro Strung Weave Mesh Pocket With Patented Delta Technology Optimized for Consistent Performance
  • Aerospace Grade 7001 Series Aluminum
  • Best Strength-to-Weight Ratio and Maximum Grip in a Metal Shaft
  • Engineered For The Players. By The Players. (™)
  • Tested by NLL Professional and College Lacrosse National Champions

*Includes One (1) The Player Premium Shaft, High Butt End, Low Butt End, One (1) Pro Strung The Contract Head


Delta is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet and is represented as the symbol Δ, although it equates to the number four in Grecian math. While this is important, Delta also is known as the “change” in circumstances or equations in modern math. And Signature Lacrosse is here to bring about change with DELTA TECH™ in all of our lacrosse heads.

DELTA TECH™ is a method and practice of construction and development patented by Signature Lacrosse. Our team drew a lot of inspiration from the greatest builders and engineers to ever construct marvels of innovation in history, and we found that less can often be more. DELTA TECH™ uses the strongest shape known to man, the triangle, to incorporate more resilience than ever seen before. The use of triangles, in combination with our incredible development of a “secret sauce” of materials used in the construction of our lacrosse heads, makes for a lighter lacrosse head that still retains stiffness after use without cracking.

How Did Signature Lacrosse Create DELTA TECH™?

Our talented team of engineers and developers created DELTA TECH™ by bringing multiple theories of construction together for the best lacrosse heads the world has ever known. Aside from how triangles reduce strain and distribute weight to increase strength, our DELTA TECH™ features concepts used in the construction of bridges and underwater structures to remain strong for a lifetime. The Origin and The Contract lacrosse head both have structural similarities to the I-Beam, but used in the shape of a triangle with extremely stiff and stable materials.  Read More....

Signature Magik Mesh: Achieving the Signature Standard

At Signature Lacrosse, we knew we needed to put a superior performance lacrosse mesh in our complete lacrosse sticks and Pro Strung Pockets to reach the Signature Standard. Magik Mesh is absolutely by the players, for the players; and Signature Lacrosse wanted to solve some of the biggest problems facing lacrosse players with our lacrosse mesh. To create a superior performance mesh that would eliminate problems like bagging out, ripping, inconsistency, and lack of stringability, we invented TIGHT WEAVE™ technology. This advancement from Signature Lacrosse helped our team develop a lacrosse mesh that's truly ready to play as long as you are.

TIGHT WEAVE™ Takes On Your Troubles

There's nothing worse than getting ready to play lacrosse and having your lacrosse mesh break. What's the point of spending your money on lacrosse mesh that's going to rip so that you have to buy more lacrosse mesh that's going to rip? We don't want players to be repeat customers for the wrong reasons, but we do bet you'll be back for some more Magik Mesh. After all, you can't string one piece of lacrosse head on two sticks at once. So for your convenience, we made Magik Mesh durable enough to last in any weather and affordable enough to go in your gamer and your back-up lacrosse sticks. TIGHT WEAVE™ makes that all possible by packing more fibers into ever millimeter of Magik Mesh. 

Why Settle for Weak Lacrosse Mesh 

Weak mesh that's too dainty or frail to take on repetitive competition is like gum that loses its flavor after five minutes, and then you have to spit it out. Too many players have to redo their pockets constantly because their lacrosse mesh bags out, but that's not the case with Magik Mesh. TIGHT WEAVE™ keeps lacrosse pockets where they're meant to be, and works in nicely for a maturing like a fine wine. Never doubt your pocket when you're coming to the game with some Magik Mesh.  Read More....

 asked Brian Bohn why Signature Lacrosse chose a Flamingo as part of their logo, the answer was way cooler than I expected...

"  Lacrosse was first played over 2,000 years ago by the Native Americans, predominantly up north but also down into Florida, with different tribes and regions playing variations of the game. However, all the tribes seemed to consider lacrosse the “Creator’s Game”- a sport that was a gift to man from the supreme being, and the sport was played to honor the creator. When the “Creator” made the world, he sent down various animals, and the bird was considered the king of all animals, representing courage and vision as it soared over the earth. We chose to use a bird inside a lacrosse head for that reason- and specifically a flamingo, as we are a Florida based company and the Flamingo was sacred to the local Seminole tribe. Plus, we thought the logo looked really cool. "

-Brian Bohn  >Director of Sourcing & Retail Sales / Attackman - Signature Lacrosse<




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