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Powerpull 39' Long Tug Of War Rope

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Price: $89.99
Morley # : MA13438


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Powerpull® Tug of War Ropes are designed to eliminate the abrasions that standard tug of war ropes can cause this new style rope provides players with a safe, fun alternative to the standard rope in tug of war.  The Powerpull® tug of war rope is made from high quality durable webbing that can withstand over 5,000 lbs of force.  Every 28" along the length of the webbing there has been 2 loop handles sewn on which can also withstand over 5,000 lbs of force.  These loop sets allow students to easily grasp the "rope" for a secure grip when playing tug of war.

"PowerPull tug of war ropes are the safest tug of war ropes on the market no- rope burns or lacerations no-slipping of hands and injuring others this is a god send to our school! Thanks" 

-John B. School P.E. Director

"PowerPull vs. Rope, there is no comparisan the patented POWERPULL TUG OF WAR ROPES is the safest most competitive and economical tug of war ropes on the physical education market today. Many thanks"

-Bill T. Camp Director

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