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MuhlTech Baseball Softball Pitch Location Mat With Advanced Skills Batting Tee

Price: $129.95
Morley # : MA32129
Brand: MuhlTech


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The MuhlTech Baseball Softball Pitch Location Mat is an inexpensive and direct training method. Marked for LH or RH hitters, the Pitch Location Mat allows you to actually "see" where to make contact and where to drive the ball based on pitch location. Designed for use with the Advanced Skills Tee, the Brush Top Tee and the Tru-Toss Soft Toss Machine, the mat is also invaluable as a throw down plate/mat for live arm and soft toss hitting drills. As a throw down plate it provides a reference for the batter to “hit the ball where it’s pitched”. Made of 1/4" thick solid rubber material. Molded graphics to reduce wear.

Includes Advanced Skills Tee: 

The MuhlTech Baseball Softball Advanced Skills Batting Tee is great for any developing or young player. Almost all other tees are only ball holders. They might be durable but offer no other function. The AST is different than normal tees. It's extremely durable and will teach the right mechanics. Tees that hold the ball can be good for older players that have their swing path established but are not the best option for younger and developing players. The AST will allow for a 10 degree upward path, but no more. Statistics show that the optimum upward angle is between 4 - 8 percent. If the bat trajectory angle is higher, the bat will exit the zone too quick and reduce the percentage of contact with the ball.


- The forward arm eliminates dropping the hands and trailing shoulder to lift the ball with a "looping" type swing. If you "dip" with the AST, you hit the back of the arm. It forces you to take the bat straight down to the ball, leveling the swing at the point of contact.

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