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Whirlpool Make Recovery Easy!

There is no tool with a longer track record in athletic training than the Whirlpool.  Whether being used as a hot bath or as an ice bath whirlpools offer full body coverage in athletic recovery and healing.  Here you will find a selection of some of the most popular whirlpool models.  Manufactured in the United States by Whitehall, the systems we offer have been used in countless facilities and have stood the test of time.  [ Learn More About Why You Should Use Whirlpools Below ]
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Whirlpool use in the field of athletic training has been popular for centuries.  Using warm and cold water to assist in wound healing, muscle recovery and more has been used by cultures through history.  I once read an article about Chinese monks that lived for hundreds of year by simply taking a bath in a hot spring and then going to a cold spring bath several times a day.  Was it just a "story" or was it real, we'll never know but it does make us think about the possibilities hydrotherapy has in healing.  Modern articles can be found on the subject that show how it works.

In athletic whirlpools are often used for pain relief.  Adjusting the water temperature from hot to cold reduces inflammation and speeds recovery times.  Whirlpools are used to treat chronic pain, wounds, tissue damage and more.