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A Gym climbing rope makes a great addition to any physical education class in addition to your athletic training activities- Including budding Ninja Warriors!! You've used those brittle, splintery ropes before now try one of our high quality climbing ropes and see the difference American workmanship makes. Buy a top quality gym climbing rope from us. Not only do we have ropes for indoor use in your crossfit gym, but we also have outdoor climbing ropes for your mud runs and training facilities. We have different materials and colors to choose from. Our most popular rope is the black poly dacron outdoor climbing rope. But we also have the classic military style tan manila climbing rope. Check out our climbing rope videos for more information or give us a call. We will help you pick out the right rope for your need. Call 1-800-811-1931.

The climbing rope we received is fantastic quality and has a nice surface to grip and clamp with feet. I feel confident having clients and my children use it. -  Kristin Cagno
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Climbing Ropes - Safety First

Climbing ropes make for a challenging workout for people of all ages and abilities. Utilizing your bodies own weight and gravity to provide resistance climbing ropes make for a fun and challenging experience. Today's ropes are made of natural materials and synthetic materials such as manila, polypro (unmanila) and polyplus.

These materials are very durable but do require proper inspection for safety. Manila materials break down from the inside out and ropes that are exposed to the elements will rot from the inside out. Climbing ropes should be inspected carefully and often for signs of damage and wear. In addition to frequent inspection there are several items that can be purchased to increase safety and reduce the risk of rope malfunction during use. Below is a list of items you might want to consider buying along with your rope. All of these items can be purchased at the Gym Climbing Rope Store.

The first item that usually comes to mind for climbing rope enthusiasts is a fat mat or landing mat. These thick mats made of soft foam can cushion a fall. While no guarantees can be made that they will prevent injury they can't hurt and most schools use them under their ropes. The most popular size for this application is a 5 foot wide by 10 foot long mat that has a minimum thickness of 8 inches. Whiles these mats are quite expensive they can be used for countless activities at a school and are well worth the investment. You can do a search for " UCS 221 Series Folding Fat Pads " in Google to find the best price online.

Be aware however that these mats do ship via truck and freights is usually an additional cost. After you get a mat under your rope you have only a few things to guard against. Unauthorized use, climbers climbing higher than the rope and trying to hang from ceiling beams, and accidental clamp failure. Thankfully the folks at the Gym Climbing Rope Store have thought of all these things for you. Here's what you'll need.

To stop un-authorized use of your ropes get a rope hoist with a lock box. Basically the way it works is you attach a pulley to the wall high up near the ceiling then you can attach the ends of up to two climbing ropes to this hoist rope that runs through the pulley and down into a metal box mounted at eye height on the wall. Then you pull the hoist rope which sends the ends of the two climbing ropes to the ceiling. Wrap the loose hoist rope inside the metal lock box, close the cover and lock the box. Now no one can use the ropes unless they have have a key to the lock box.

Sometimes a climber gets overzealous and tries to reach from the top of the climbing rope to the beam and go gorilla through the beams of the gymnasium. Not such a good idea. Here's how you prevent that nightmare from taking place. A tambourine mounted at the top of your rope keeps climbers from climbing past the top of the rope. Tambourines measure 20" in diameter and mount with a clamp to your rope at a height that you desire. A gym climbing rope safety cable attachment offers a backup system to keep ropes from completely disconnecting from the ceiling even in the event that your ceiling hardware fails.

The kit comes with cable, clamp and splicers to fit any size beam. Now that you have researched how to ensure safety when using climbing ropes we're sure you'll want to get started with rope climbing right away. Not only does it provide a great workout but when students get to the top they feel a sense of achievement, a sense of pride and a mindset that they can accomplish their goals. All it takes is a climbing rope and a few minutes to set students on a path to success. Remember though no matter what additional products you use for safety nothing takes the place of adult supervision. Children should never be allowed to use climbing ropes when an adult is not present. In additional to climbing ropes climbing peg boards and cargo nets can also offer the same type of work out and results.