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Espro Sports Cleaner

Espro Sports Cleaner

I know it says sports cleaner in the title but Espro cleaner is great for all clothing stains.  I've used it personally and had great results.  It was designed for getting those hard to clean grass, mud and blood stains out of athletic uniforms though and it serves this purpose easily.  Available in small spray bottles perfect for pre-treating on the field and gallon size jugs perfect for cleaning the whole teams worth fo uniforms.  Try some today and see how Espro sports cleaner can save you money by keeping your uniforms in service longer.
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The Back Story

The development of ESPROSPORTS CLEANERwas the result of a merging of two passions of founding managing partner Steve Dean. While serving as National Sales Manager of a chemical manufacturer of cleaners and protectants, Steve was constantly seeking cutting-edge technology to produce effective, yet environmentally friendly formulas for consumers’ home and vehicle cleaning needs. With a background in collegiate athletics, Steve also found time to coach high school football and other youth sports. It became very apparent to Steve that there was a tremendous need for a safe, yet highly effective “sports cleaner” to tackle the tough stains and odors associated with athletic competition. Steve says “I have stood in a lot of huddles over the years and, believe me, the dirty uniforms and terrible odors are almost unbearable.”

Thus, we challenged our chemists to develop a formula that would remove the toughest stains, like grass, dirt, mud, red clay, blood, sweat stains, juice and “you name it”.

We also asked them to include odor-fighting agents to eliminate the really bad odors and smells that strenuous activity and tough competition produces. And we demanded one more thing, “make it safe to use and environmentally friendly!” So, ESPRO SPORTS CLEANER Stain Remover with Odor-Guard was born. In May of 2008, we formed Environmental Sports Products, LLC to manufacture and distribute ESPRO SPORTS CLEANER;and to develop other related products for the sports industry. Our management team and board of directors are a very diverse group of experienced business people and former athletes and coaches who have a shared vision to make ESP the leader in providing world class cleaners and sports hygiene products for athletes at all stages of competition. Thus far, moms, coaches and equipment managers all over America are singing its’ praises.