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Huge Selection of Sports Hydration Units & Football Watering Stations for Sale!

We have the largest high quality selection of hydration units online.  From Waterboy to Wheelin' Water we have you covered with the solution you need, at a price that can't be beat.  If you need a sports cool water station we have the best portable hydration station on the market.

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Stay cool and Hydrated in the heat.  We have many items to choose from to keep you hydrated.  When it comes to hydrating your football team or field sport team check out the Waterboy units. We also have Igloo coolers, carts and fence mount racks.  We also have high quality water bottles and water bottle racks.  Looking for a football watering station?  We have what you need with the Cramer and Water Boy hydration systems.  If you have any questions regarding any hydration items do not hesitate to contact us.

Keeping your players hydrated is priority number one these days. 

With the recent "Death by heat" incidents that have occurred in that last few years it is very important that you take the necessary steps to prevent this. Hydration is important among other steps such as, acclimation to the heat, uniform changes, gear reduction during practice, and proper conditioning to hard practices.  Practices should have fluid breaks every 30-45 minutes to replace the lost fluids from sweating. 

There are a lot of items on the market to help prevent overheating and improve hydration. You can start with getting a water cooler and cups. This works and is a basic solution but if you have a team of thirsty football players, you are going to need something with a little more muscle. If you have access to a water hose on your field you can get an inline watering system. You can get a basic one that has water fountains which come out of a long tube. This system connects to an ordinary garden hose. Another convenience of this system is that it has wheels to easily get it around.

The next step up is the 8 station A frame which has 8 individual hoses and nozzles with shut off valves. All you do is hook up the hose and when a player wants a drink he grabs a hose and squeezes the handle. You won't have water running all over the field and your players with this model. The 8 station also comes in a fence mount design which is convenient if you have a fence next you your field. If your team has a hose next to the field and need your water to be cooler, you can get a chiller. A chiller consists of a cooler with a chilling coil inside and the cooler is filled with ice.

The water is constantly chilled by passing through the chilling coil.This system has other benefits as well, it can't be contaminated as it travels straight from the water source through the chiller to the drinking manifold.  This model comes in either vertical or horizontal depending on your needs. Each has wheels for easy transportation. The benefit to the vertical is that it comes with an extra cooler to store extra ice if needed.

Now for the teams without a water source.  You are going to need a Water Boy Horizontal Power Model. You can get a 65 gallon, 40 gallon, or 20 gallon model. This system consists of a cart with a storage cooler, power pump system, and drinking stations. The power model keeps the water pressurized at all times so that when you press the handle on the nozzle you are guaranteed water. For the thirsty teams the 65 gallon provides plenty of water and 12 drinking stations.

Best of all the Water Boy Horizontal Power Model's can be hooked to the golf cart to bring them on and off the field. So if you are looking for a solution to prevent dehydration and overheating problems, then get one of the models above.