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Competitor 4" Racing Lane Lines

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These Competitor 4" Racing Lane Lines are top quality.  Each individual disc measures four or six inches in diameter and consists of a series of five fins projecting from a center hub. Mid way on the length of the disc hub is a radially extended web member, which supports annular-section ring-shaped flanges in co-axial relationship with the central bore. To assist in damping the longitudinal wave forces, the web member is formed with a multiplicity of circular openings. The web, in conjunction with the multiple fins combines to impede, aerate, dampen and break up the other. Both the web and fin functions are very important in that most waves will not intersect the lane in a perpendicular manner.

Each disc has the capability to revolve independently from any other disk mounted on the 3/16” braided stainless steel cable, which has a clear vinyl coating to protect the disks from excessive wear. Flotation is aided by the introduction of a hollow toroidally-shaped body, with a central radial web and co-axial opening to position the float for freely sliding movement on the cable. These floats are deployed in a uniformly spaced interval and surrounded by a pair of modified discs on either side to accommodate the float without substantially altering the wave quelling properties of the lane as an assembled unit.

Assembly for each lane is completed at one end with a bronze nickel-plated spool encased in a stainless steel tension mechanism to provide customized adjustment of lane torque. The other end has a stainless steel spring assembly to maintain equal pressure during use.

At least two colors should be used, with a distinctly different color pattern implemented five meters from each end of the pool. FINA requires a backstroke turn marking of a contrasting color 15 meters from each end of the lane.

Available colors are: black, purple, green, orange, white, blue, red, maroon or yellow.

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