What are your athletes spreading?

One of the most important safety factors in sports today is
cleanliness.  There are many things that can make athletes sick, viruses,
bacteria, ring worm, ect.  Schools have had these problems through out the
years, which has made cleanliness one of the top safety issues in athletics
today.  You may be familiar with MRSA because you read it in the
news.  MRSA is a common bacterium that can cause a lot of problems if
spread.  Many healthy people carry it around with out ever knowing it. 
It can cause skin infections and can infect razor nicks and turf burns.  It
is immune to regular antibiotics and if the person that is infected can’t fight
it off they can be in danger.  MRSA is not the only thing that can make
your athletes sick there is also hepatitis b virus, ringworm, herpes simplex
type 1,  and Hiv-1 (aids) virus.  Cleanliness is very important in
keeping these diseases at bay.

The best way to keep MRSA and other bacterium and viruses from spreading is
prevention.  This includes cleaning anything that comes in contact with the
athletes.  These items can include: wrestling mats, wrestling gear, cleat
soles, football equipment, soccer equipment,  gymnastics mats, and more.
There are many items that need to be kept sanitary to keep these diseases from
spreading.  I’m sure you can think of many items in your athletic program
that could be disinfected to help with prevention.

What products can you use to help with prevention? 
There is a product which can disinfect and kill many bacterium and viruses and that product is Ken Clean Plus.  Ken Clean Plus
can be used to disinfect and sanitize
mats, headgear, shoe soles and most other hard, non-porous athletic surfaces. 
Not all disinfectants are the same so you want to make sure that yours can kill
the following like Ken Clean Plus can:

  • Mrsa

  • Hiv-1 (aids)

  • Hepatitis b
    virus (hbv)*

  • Herpes simplex
    type 1*

  • Staph –
    staphlyococcus aureus, streptococcus faecalis, streptococcus salivarius

  • Trichophyton
    mentagrophytes (causative agent responsible for ringworm)


You can also use
the Ken Clean Plus in conjunction with the Bucketless Mop Set.  The
Bucketless Mop Set is very convenient when it comes to cleaning athletic mats. 
It features:

  • Translucent 52 ounce tank,
    keeps solution level visible.

  • Push-button flow control,
    applies solution only when needed.

  • Anti-clogging filter for
    consistent solution delivery.

  • Ruggedly constructed – with a
    six-month guarantee on solution dispensing mechanism from date of purchase
    (against manufacturer’s) defects and for use under normal conditions).

  • Uses microfiber technology
    mop heads that are non-abrasive and can stand up to hundreds of washings
    before needing replacement.


There are also the Full Spectrum Athletic
Surface Cleaning Wipes which are great for disinfecting and have the following

  • Cleans & disinfects:
    effective against HIV-1 (aids virus), MRSA, staph, visa, tuberculosis, E-coli.
  • Economical! 180 wipes
    in each hard-to-lose canister.
  • Perfect for cleaning
    athletic surfaces and exercise equipment after each use.

  • Convenient 7” x 6”


If you take prevention seriously you can
possibly save a life.  Get the products above today and get the job done