Field hockey goalies have always been plagued by the fact that to fully outfit with decent gear you need to spend thousands of dollars.  This has always made getting into the sport a cranbarry grays goalie packagepretty expensive proposition.

Some manufacturers have come out with decent youth starter sets that will save younger players some hard earned cash but in most cases these packages have been relatively lack luster and almost exclusively geared towards youth players.

This year Cranbarry has joined forces with Grays to offer up a goalie package that most will find not only suitable for league or high school play but down right fantastic.

Here’s what you get for under $500.00…

Comes with the following:

  • CranBarry USA Wheelie Goalie Bag
  • GRAYS Foam Throat Guard
  • CranBarry Goalie Girdle. Available in sizes: XS – XXL
  • CranBarry Body Guard. Available in sizes: S – L
  • GRAYS Foam Leg guards and Kickers in size: M
  • CranBarry Foam Hand Protector Set

So is any of this stuff worthy?  You bet!  Obviously what goalies look for most is a nice set of leg guards and kickers and this is the area in which most sets lack.  In this set you get the brand new Grays G200 leg guards and kickers.  The Grays G200 Foam Leg Guards and Kickers feature an excellent anatomic design for leg comfort.  Design offers wide profile for large stopping area.  Quick release buckles for easy take off.  Kicker offers protection, consistency & rebound control.

The Grays throat protector is high quality, the wheelie bag is one of the most popular available and the hand protectors are nice quality with great fit and function.  The Cranbarry body guard and goalie girdle are available in your choice of sizes so you can get the right fit too.

You won’t be sorry with this set so order up now while they’re available.  This package is perfect for beginners, high school goalies or just to have around as a spare in case of an equipment failure on the field.