The Tennis Partner- Improve Your Game On The Court

Discover The Best Tennis Training Partner on the Market!

Tennis, like all competitive sports, takes a lot of practice that is why the tennis partner was invented.  Building up muscle memory takeshour and hours of practice which is easier said than done.  Most people don’t have a tennis court in their own backyard and even if you have courts close by their is no guarantee when you finally arrange to have a partner to practice with that the courts will be open when you get there.



Your days of getting everything organized and driving to the courts to find them all in use are over.  Now you can practice at your own house with The Tennis Partner.  The Tennis Partner is also a great device to offer at your club or any facility offering tennis courts.  It allows players to warm up or train while waiting for a court to open.

TENNISPARTNER2The Tennis Partner lets you bring the tennis court to your home and achieve incredible results without wasting time chasing tennis balls.

With the Tennis partner, you don’t have to rent a court or have a partner to practice your game. You can bring the practice to your home by using the Tennis Partner. Play tennis anytime, anywhere… With the Tennis Partner, you can practice your forehands, backhands, and volleys including various shots such as short low balls and high balls. By hitting on the Tennis Partner, you will increase consistency on your technical skills (in another word, form) increase strength…  You can also work on new technical skills or forms you have learned from your tennis lessons. Increase your footwork skills as well. Private lessons typically range between $35 and $50 per half an hour. the Tennis Partner lets you practice at your own pace and convenience,  By using this machine for 30 minutes a day, you will notice an increase in strength and footwork. When you use this machine 5 days a week for 30 minutes, you save about $200 per week in private lessons which equates to about $800 per month.  You almost get your money back within a few months. With the Tennis Partner, you can focus on your form and not on feeding the ball. It helps improve your strategy on how to swing the racket while working on your strength. You can also practice your footwork without so much pressure from an actual game.  With just a few tennis balls, you can play for hours with an endless stream.

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