The Cadillac Of Fleece Hoodies!!

There is a lot of competition out there when it comes to hoodies.  From the big brands to the little guys on the block it seems every clothing manufacturer out there has a few hoodies to offer.  One company who we never really considered offering to our customer when it came to hoodies was Rawlings but that may have been a mistake.  I think they just rolled out the Cadillac of Hoodies!

The new Rawlings Performance Fleece Hoodie is very high quality though.  You can see our video on this style embedded here or go to Rawlings Performance Fleece Hoodie to check out the specs.

I personally have been wearing this hoodie and I have to say it is not a super heavyweight but it not only keeps me warm but it allows full range of motion and just feels great.

The days of huge, heavy, thick hoodies is in the past with performance materials, such as the performance polyester fleece used in the Rawlings Hoodie, you get a lighter, thinner, material that is easier to care for an offers more benefits.

Polyester fleece keeps you warm whether it is damp, dry or soaking wet.  These are properties usually found in things made of wool but polyester fleece nails it.

The lighter weight and easier care is welcome and the price tag can not be beat for the quality.

Check out the Rawlings Performance Fleece Hoodie today… you won’t want to take it off… I don’t!