Table Tennis Tables For The Outdoor Lifestyle

Warmer weather is finally here and with the snow melting everyone is looking forward to spending more time outdoors.  Time to clean off your deck furniture, light the Tiki torches and throw some ribs on the grill.  Before we get into the season full speed I have a suggestion for you.  Here is a way to make your ordinary deck or patio table much more interesting.  Instead of going to your local big box store to buy the same table and chair set that everyone else in the neighborhood has, why not think outside the box.  An outdoor table tennis table can do double duty.  An outdoor patio table by day and a high quality, competition grade table tennis table ready for some serious outdoor fun by night.  Or vise versa for that matter. 

There are several outdoor table tennis tables available on the market, one such model is the Stiga Equinox outdoor table tennis table.  I’m not going to lie to you, outdoor table tennis tables are not cheap.  These are not the $200 tables you find at your local sporting goods store.  Outdoor table tennis tables feature an all weather surface and design that can withstand the elements.  They have heavy duty chassis with wheels that make them easily movable.  A good table like the previously mentioned Stiga Equinox comes complete with a full durable outdoor net and post set, family friendly features like padded corners and a Truebounceblue aluminum top.  It is ready for actual competitive table tennis whenever you are.  You can be sure that your opponent won’t try blaming their lack of ping pong skill on a warped table. 

So after beating the socks off of your neighbor in a friendly match up you can take the net and posts off and set the table for dinner and recover from the match over some grilled ribs.  Hey, better yet why not eat those grilled ribs and play a friendly match with one of your kids to see who’s doing dishes.

Anyway you look at it an outdoor table tennis table can be a lot of fun.  They are made of materials that will keep them from warping or falling apart from the abuse of the elements.  A worthy investment for your hard earned dollars.  Of course if you run a summer camp or resort outdoor table tennis tables are a great addition for your facility as well.  You can find a complete selection of table tennis tables and all of your order ping pong needs at  Check out the site and buy your table today!