Like everything else in the sporting goods industry swimwear has also evolved.  Swim teams now have a huge array of choices not only in patterns but also in design and fabrics for their swimwear.  While the pattern and colors in your swim suit may help with team spirit it won’t make a difference in suit longevity or performance so we are going to ignore color options.  Of course many of our team accounts are still sticking with the traditional solid color swim suits any way.  Choosing a solid color suit still offers a selection though and it makes a good starting point for this article. 

The most popular swim suit in my opinion is still the Speedo Aquablade Recordbreaker.  This suit is made from a very high quality material that resists chlorine which offers a major plus for longevity.  The material is made up of 80 percent polyester and 20 percent Lycra® spandex for a great fit.  This suit design is exclusive to Speedo and the real magic of this material and design is that the stripes in the fabric actually channel the water away from the body.  This unique fabric actually offers a lower drag co-efficient and is slicker than skin.  So in this instance you are not only buying a durable swim suit but you are buying performance.  That is why the Speedo Aquablade Recordbreaker has been a very popular suit for many years.  In addition to the female recordbreaker suit there is matching men’s jammer and brief styles.

So we’ve taken a look at a real competition swim suit that offers some serious advantages to the wearer.  Nothing is free though and those advantages will cost you around 25% more than a standard swim suit.  Unfortunately today’s shrinking athletic budgets do not always allow for such expenditures which brings us to the next step down. 

This time we’re going to look at the TYR Xtra Life Lycra® fabric suits.  This fabric is heavy duty offering a long lasting fit chlorine resistance that is up to 10X better than standard spandex fabric.  This material can be found in a large selection of TYR swimwear so you are not limited to one design.  Xtra Life Lycra® can stretch your budget by making suits last longer.  The price is lower than high tech performance boosting fabrics without sacrificing quality.

The fabrics we have looked at reflect some of the best high school and college level swimwear the industry has to offer.  In addition to these materials you will also find many manufacturers that offer high quality suits made of regular nylon/Lycra® mixes and even some “learn to swim” suits made of polyester.   Next time you need to purchase suits browse the selection available at team pricing at www.morleyathletic.com