Stopwatch or Transformer?

Do you have problems seeing your stopwatch?  Do you have trouble figuring out what each button is because they are so small?  Do you wish your stopwatch had bigger digits and was easier to read?  How about versatility, do you wish it could go on your wrist, be held on your hand, or even be clipped to a clip board? 

Well there is a solution to your problems; it is the Referee Jumbo Wrist Stopwatch.  This stopwatch offers a big digit display. Each number measures ½” high by ¼” wide.  It is great for sports like football, soccer, wrestling, basketball, lacrosse or any game and fitness timing.  Referees and coaches alike are just raving about it.

The Referee Jumbo Wrist Stopwatch features: 1/100 second precision, maximum count up 9 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds.  It also counts down making this timer very versatile.  It counts down from maximum 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.  It has 3 count down modes:  count down and repeat count down from preset, count down and then up from zero, and count down and stop at zero.

It has standard 12/24 hour format and a daily alarm with hourly chime.  Also when it gets a little darker out The Referee Jumbo Wrist Watch has electro-luminescent black lighting.

It also comes with a wrist lanyard so you can hold it in your hand.  Last but not least it comes with a clipboard clip which allows you to attaché the timer to a clipboard, your belt, or your clothing.

Also I should mention it is water resistant which means that if it gets a few raindrops on it there is no need to worry.  It doesn’t mean that you can go swimming with it. 

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