Spalding Baseball State Adoptions

m28368-sale-picIt’s good to know what balls your state has adopted.
What is a state adoption?  Basically it is where a manufacturer wins a bid with the state to have their ball used for all the states games in that particular sport.
This year Spalding has the state adoptions for Iowa, Connecticut, Vermont, Idaho, Nebraska for their baseballs.
Next year Spalding has picked up New York State.  You will be required to use the Spalding PRO100HS in New York high school baseball games next year.
You will want to prepare this year by putting the Spalding Baseballs on next years bids and quotes if you live in New York State.
If you live in Iowa, Connecticut, Vermont, Idaho, or Nebraska I am sure you are already ready, but if you need more Spalding baseballs call Morley Athletic for all your needs.