Soccer Player Headgear Is The Future Of Protection

Soccer is a fast paced sport and player injuries are fairly common.  One company has been working tirelessly to develop lightweight but effective headgear to protect players on the field.

full90headgear Full 90 has 3 models available at the moment with a wide range of prices.  Each model provides protection to different degrees and has been proven in the field.

You can see all three models here:  FULL 90 HEADGEAR

FULL 90 Headgear is being worn across the country at all levels of play.  Check out this interview with Kris Tyrpak who wears a FULL 90 headgear and answers questions about it.


full90headgear2Full90 Sports, Inc. is excited to sponsor Kristopher “Kris” Tyrpak, Chivas USA forward. The up-and-coming Major League Soccer player has been wearing the Full90 Premier Headguard for nearly six years; it’s only fitting we team up with him to raise awareness about the benefits of wearing our headguard. To help fans get to know Kris, we asked him a few questions:

Q: When did you start playing soccer?

A: I was five years old

Q: Did you always know you would go pro?

A: Actually, I didn’t. I went to college on a soccer scholarship to become a dentist. When that didn’t work out, I decided to stick with soccer to see where it takes me.

Q: What did it feel like when you learned Chivas USA drafted you?

A: It was a dream come true. When you’re a little kid, you speculate about going pro. The feeling is unbelievable. It was pretty cool.

Q: How did you learn about Full90 headguards?

A: In high school, I suffered five concussions within a relatively short amount of time. I did some research and found out about Full90. I was 16 years old and I’ve been wearing it ever since.

Q: How did you feel when you started wearing the headgear?

A: At first, I was self-conscious. No one else was wearing it but my teammates were receptive. They knew about my concussions and never gave me a hard time.

Q: Do you wear it during practice and at games?

A: I wear it at every single practice and game.

Q: Would you ever play soccer again without wearing headgear?

A: I never plan to play any competitive soccer without wearing the headgear.

Q: Would you recommend all players wear headgear?

A: Personally, I would because I’ve gone through so many concussions. If you can do something to avoid getting a concussion, you should. You lose so much fitness and time at the point you get a concussion.

Q: What’s the story behind you becoming a Full90-sponsored MLS player?

A: After the MLS drafted me, veterans noticed the headgear and asked me about it. Some suggested I reach out to Full90 to get sponsored. So I talked to my agent and he contacted Full90. We heard back relatively quickly.

Q: How do you feel about this partnership?

A: It’s awesome. With or without the sponsorship, I’m going to wear the Full90 headguard anyway. If I could spread awareness and help the company while wearing it, that’s great! I think it’s going to be a good relationship.

Q: What’s your advice for future MLS hopefuls?

A: Whether you are playing or practicing, give it 100% all of the time. The more you practice, the better you’ll get.

Thank you, Kris, for taking the time to help your fans get to know you! Fans can follow Kris using his Twitter handle, @KrisTyrpak. Welcome to the Full90 family, Kris!