Slide On Over To The New Spalding Slide Multi Sport Net System

In the sporting goods industry you can find ways that technology has made products better and advanced the way you train for the game and play it.  Some of the best technology though is the new designs that make using equipment easier.  That’s the kind of new technology you’ll find in the Spalding Slide Multi Sport Volleyball System.  Perhaps the best part about the Slide system is that you can buy one systems and use it for multiple sports.  Spalding’s Slide volleyball uprights are marked for men’s, women’s, junior high, elementary, badminton, and tennis regulation net height. The adjustments are continuous; so fine adjustments can be made to ensure correct net height for any situation.

Here’s the full scoop on the system.  Each upright is manufactured from extruded high strength aluminum tubing with A 3.010″ (76mm) O.D. and structural internal geometry for added strength. Each upright shall be 107″ (2718mm) long and shall have a baked navy powder coated finish. Each upright is clearly marked at men’s, women’s, junior high, elementary, and tennis heights. A rubber foot shall be attached to the bottom of the upright to prevent floor damage when the upright is set on the floor. A rubber foot shall also be attached to the top of the pole to keep the adjustment slider in the channel.

Adjustment sliders shall be constructed of ¾” (19mm) x 1-1/2” (38mm) aluminum tubing with 1/8″ (3.175mm) wall thickness. Adjustment sleeves shall be finished with a baked silver powder coat. Adjustment sleeves shall slide in the channel of the upright and shall be fixed in place by a spin down handle. One adjustment sleeve shall have a winch attached and a pulley at the top of the sleeve. The opposite sleeve shall have a j-hooks to attach the net top and bottom. Each sleeve has a handle to assist in height adjustments.

The net shall be tensioned by way of a worm gear winch. The winch shall have a 20:1 Gear ratio, a heavy-duty steel frame and a custom-molded plastic cover. The winch shall attach to the upright that has the pulley and shall have a nylon leader strap and steel cable to attach to the net.

Ok so that sounded kind of technical but all you really need to know is that the Spalding Slide Multi Sport Net System is made to last and easy to adjust.  Not to mention of course that you can use it for all of your net sports which will save you a ton of money.  The system is great for camps, schools, club facilities and more.  You can buy your system or read more about the available net systems by going to where you will find over 10,000 products to browse through.