Simply Unfold And Hit Away- You’ll Wonder How You Lived Without The Batco Batting Cage!

Batco Batting Cages have been available for both baseball and softball for quite a while and they continue to be popular to this day.  batco in gymDesigned like a gigantic accordion the Batco Batting Cages can be used indoors or outdoors.  You get to specify whether you want indoor or outdoor feet for your cage when you order it.

Coming in two sizes the Batco Batting Cages can be used safely indoors well before winter has released it’s icy grip on us.  No need to wait for your field to melt simply unfold your batco batting cage and hit away.  When you’re done fold it up and set it to the side until your next practice.

batco foldedThis cage is made to last too so you can rest assured that you have invested your teams money wisely.  Some of the top features of Batco Batting Cages are as follows:

  • Size permits live batting practice to be thrown comfortably
  • Batco cage is 50% wider and 20% higher than standard tunnels
  • 72′ cage folds to 2′ in less than 2 minutes
  • Net is #42 gauge knotless net.  It has a tensile strength of 350 lbs. It is 50% stronger than the standard net used in commercial cages
  • Because of the shape and construction, the Batco cage is not affected by wind
  • No cable to run indoors
  • No frame to build outdoors
  • When folded, the Batco cage is much easier to protect against vandalism
  • Arcs are made of galvanized steel and weigh approximately 45lbs. Each
  • Each cage comes with written installation directions and a step by step installation video.
  • Available in baseball size and softball/little league size
  • Specify indoor or outdoor feet when ordering

So what are you waiting for.  Thousands of coaches are using Batco Batting Cages to get a jump on their season and you should to.