ROL-O-BIN Ball Cart vs SPACE MIZER Ball Cage: Which one is Best for You?

When it comes to efficient ball storage solutions for basketball coaches and teams, two popular options are th e ROL-O-BIN basketball ball cart and the Space Mizer Ball Cage. Both products have garnered significant attention due to their small footprint, utility and functionality. Either model allows you to store a lot of basketballs in a small area. They are perfect for already full storage rooms. The ROL-O-BIN, being a classic choice, is highly sought after by coaches, but its popularity also means longer wait times to get one – at times up to 4 months. On the other hand, the Space Mizer Ball Cage offers a different set of features and is known for its quick availability and option of team colors. Let’s delve into the specifics of each product to better understand their strengths and limitations.

The ROL-O-BIN Ball Cart – A Legend with a Catch

The ROL-O-BIN basketball ball cart has become a staple in many basketball programs due to its reliability and time-tested design. With its large storage capacity and smooth-rolling casters, the ROL-O-BIN provides a practical solution for ball organization on the court and off the court. Coaches appreciate its sturdy construction and ease of use during training sessions and games. It’s top feature is being able to remove the balls from the bottom of the unit. The Rol-O-Bin does not lock unless you purchase a separate locking device for an additional charge. It is made of quality material in the United States. However, one major drawback is the extended wait time to acquire a ROL-O-BIN, as its popularity often leads to supply shortages putting delivery times in the 3 to 4 month time range. Despite this, many coaches are willing to wait, knowing that they are investing in a classic and dependable ball cart.

The Space Mizer Ball Cage – Team Colors and Quick Delivery

In contrast to the ROL-O-BIN, the Space Mizer Ball Cage boasts a unique set of advantages. One of its most significant benefits is the remarkably short lead time for delivery – usually around 2 weeks. This allows coaches to quickly acquire the ball cage and incorporate it into their training routines. Additionally, the Blazer Space Mizer is powder coated which offers additional durability to the finish and the ability to get your school color. There are 7 colors to choose from. The Space Mizer comes with a locking bar at the top so you only need to add your padlock to secure the balls in storage. The fact that it is proudly made using high-quality materials in the USA adds to its appeal, as it supports domestic manufacturing. The only down side to the Space Mizer is that the balls go in on the top and come out the top but given the shorter lead times, team colors and built in locking system that really isn’t a deal breaker.

Exploring the Contrasts

When comparing the ROL-O-BIN and the Space Mizer Ball Cage, the primary consideration boils down to timing and customization needs. The ROL-O-BIN is the go-to choice for those who can accommodate longer wait times and prefer a classic, proven design. Its sturdy build ensures it will withstand rigorous use over the years. On the other hand, the Space Mizer is the ideal option for coaches seeking a swift solution, and its customizability provides a sense of pride and school spirit. Additionally, the high-quality materials used in its construction make it a durable and reliable investment.


Both the ROL-O-BIN basketball ball cart and the Space Mizer Ball Cage have their merits, catering to different preferences and requirements. While the ROL-O-BIN is a trusted classic, the Blazer Space Mizer stands out with its quick availability and customizable features. Ultimately, coaches must weigh their needs, the importance of customization, and their willingness to wait to make an informed decision on which ball storage solution best suits their team.