Quality Fund Raiser Item

Are you looking for an item you can sell as a fundraiser but you are sick of selling junk food and items that are tacky.  Then you should look into the custom logo locker room stools.  

Custom logo locker room stools are not only classy but will last for a long time.  These stools are compact and comfortable.  They have a padded seat top that features a durable vinyl cover. The stools frame is made of heavy duty steel for long lasting value.  The stools also fold compact for easy storage.  They are available in 11 frame colors and 9 vinyl colors giving you a wide variety of color combinations to create any combination you like.

Since these are custom stools you can get your school logo or mascot printed on them. If you have a club or some other logo you want to use no problem.  You can do up to a four color logo on these stools so pick whatever you want the sky is the limit.  The custom stools will make a great souvenir that can be used in the homes of the people that buy them.  These locker rooms stools would make a great addition to a fathers garage or a grandmothers sewing room.  They will remind buyers of their family member who was in a specific sports program or a club for years to come. Chess club could do a fund raiser with these awesome stools.  I can see a nice black knight chess club logo in my head already. Just think of all the different areas these stools could be used.  I think people would rather get something useful and memorable when purchasing a fund raiser item,don’t you?  These stools are just that item.  They look awesome and are durable as well.

Before you sign up with some people that tell you to sell junk food to raise funds look into the custom locker room stools to sell.  Go to morleyathletic.com and check out the stools and the helpful video that is offered.  Why sell people who are donating to your program junk food, when you can sell them a high quality memorable custom stool that instills pride in your organization.