Not All Referee Stands Are Equal… Invest Your $$ Wisely!

So I got a call this morning from a customer in Indiana who was looking to replace his existing referee stands.  He told me that he runs several tournaments and that in general at least two stands are in use at all times, 4 during all day tournaments.  At their last event the officials complained about the stability of their existing stands.  The manufacturer shall remain nameless.  He wanted my opinion on what he should purchase in a folding referee stand that would be durable and stable.

m14888-1 There are a lot of choices out there for folding referee stands and frankly we do sell most of them.  That being said my go to stand is the Jaypro VRS-6000 folding stand.  Weighing in at around 82 lbs with padding installed this stand is an excellent choice for durability, stability and transportability (is that even a word?). The stand has a positive locking system to amke sure it stays ready for use when on the court and the padding covers all the danger spots.

One of the best parts about this stand is that it is almost always in stock for immediate shipment.  That’s a huge plus because in most cases customers don’t realize they need a new stand until the day the old one breaks and then you need it yesterday.

m14888-2Now as much as I love the VRS-6000 i should mention the new Jaypro VRS-8000.  This is like the super duty version of the VRS-6000.  While not as popular and a little bit heavier and more expensive the VRS-8000 is a beast and can take all the abuse you can dish out.

Don’t take my word for it.  Check them out here:

Jaypro VRS-6000 Volleyball Referee Stand & Padding

Jaypro VRS-8000 Volleyball Referee Stand & Padding

So next time you need a new referee stand just give me a call. We can discuss your options and more than likely i will send you a quick quote on one of the above stands because I know when you receive it you’ll be satisfied with your purchase.

Ken Morley