When it comes to new technology you will find a lot of products that sounds really cool but MASTER LOCK OUTDOORjust don’t offer any real advantage over the old technology.  In the case of the new Master Lock Bluetooth Smart® Padlocks the technology has been put to good use in developing a product that can be put to use my millions of people and it will actually have a positive effect.

Master Lock Bluetooth Smart® Padlocks can be used with Android or IOS phones along with the free Master Lock Vault App.  These locks utilize Bluetooth technology to provide a bunch of features that will actually make your life easier.

The most obvious feature is being able to provide shared access to equipment sheds and equipment lockers without having to share actual keys or combinations.  Basically you can sent temporary access codes to other individuals phones that allow them to open the lock for a specified time.  That’s the main idea of these locks but the technology doesn’t end there.

MASTER LOCK OUTDOOR USEAnother smart feature of these locks and the free app is that they keep record of access history so you know who has been using the lock and when and on top of that if someone has been tampering with the lock they let you know.

The lock and app will also alert you if the battery is getting low. Changing the battery is easy too and the locks use standard button batteries you®® can find in almost any super market or department store.

So what happens if your phone battery goes dead or you left your phone home?  No problem the pad on the front of the locks can be sued to open them as well with a specific directional code.

Given the fact that these locks sell for under $60 and can offer advanced protection for your expensive equipment it’s a no brainer…  you need to get one asap.

Two lock models are available an indoor model that is compact and can be used on lockers or just about anything else you think of and an outdoor model with a longer shackle and weatherproof casing.  The outdoor model is perfect for equipment sheds, tool boxes, gates or even locking up your bicycle.

You can find them at go here:  Master Lock Bluetooth Smart® Padlocks

Watch our product introduction video here:  The New Master Lock Bluetooth Smart® Padlocks