Soon enough we’ll all stop complaining about he cold and start complaining about the heat. That means keeping our athletes hydrated on the field is going to be important.  We offer a ton of systems for hydration from the large Waterboy powered hydration units you two behind a tractor to simple water bottles.

Technology has certainly changed the hydration market and the way we keep athletes ready to perform during practices and on game day but one hydration unit has stood the test of time.  The great news is it now has a lower price tag making it perfect for any budget.

7 GALLOON WATER FOUNTAINWhich hydration unit am I talking about- I’m sure you’ve seen them around, you may have even used one- the M12718 7 Gallon Pump Up Water Fountain from www.morleyathletic.com.

You can own your own 7 gallon fountain for under $500 now and with the features listed below you’ll wonder how you lived without it.  While large systems have their place sometimes a smaller, more portable unit is all you need.  It’s simplicity and price tag make it the go to unit of thousands of coaches across the country.

The 7 Gallon Portable Fountain features a 7 gallon polyethylene tank, four drinking outlets, heavy duty plastic hoses, brass squeeze nozzles with sanitary poly mouth guards, self lubricating pump, heavy gauge stainless steel cart, 4″ opening for adding ice and large 7″ Roto molded wheels for mobility.

How’s that for a feature rich hydration system that won’t break the bank.  As if that wasn’t enough there is also a full line of replacement parts available.

Give Morley Athletic a call today at 1-800-811-1931 to order yours today before the mad rush of summer weather.