How To Run Your Wrestling Program On A Tight Budget

Years ago, when athletic budgets were much healthier, wrestling programs could afford custom singlets and custom warm ups.  In fact there were always a few accounts that purchased custom knee pads and head gear back in the day when they had to be ordered 8 weeks in advance.   Recent budget cuts across the country have taken a big bite out of wrestling budgets.  Many of my long time accounts have had to pay for their uniforms with booster money which gets pretty tricky when you’re already paying for travel expenses and other necessities with funds raised by boosters.  So what can you do to look sharp on the mat and keep under budget?  Let’s look at a few options that could help.

Custom, custom, custom. Custom uniforms are great because they ensure that you will look different on the mat than all of the opposing teams.  Of course the downside being that custom singlets and warm ups get really pricey.  The first way to keep your budget under control is to go with stock wrestling singlets and warm ups.

Finding stock wrestling singlets with a custom look is easy now.  Most manufacturers offer stock lycra singlets with color blocking patterns so you can save money by selecting one of these styles and then adding your imprinting.  I recommend sticking with 1 color print if possible.  Printing can get expensive.  The more colors in you logo the more it costs.  Usually single color printing looks great on a contrasting color singlet so there’s really no need to waste valuable funds on 3 or 4 color designs.

While there will always be wrestling teams wearing $200 warm up suits custom made by the leading factories you can look just as sharp with stock warm up suits these days.  Check out the selection of stock warm up suits at  Tons of styles to chose from that look like they’re custom sewn.  Once your logo is added no one will know that you paid less than half the price for yours.

One benefit of modern technology is that the new headgear styles allow you to get custom head gear shipped in the same amount of time as stock headgear and it really only costs a fraction more.  So when it comes to head gear if you need to go custom it’s a great budget area to do so.  You’ll only spend a couple bucks more per head gear and you won’t run into another team with a matching design.

So it’s possible to look like you spent a ton of money on custom products for your wrestlers while keeping that budget under control.  Today’s product selection is much larger than that of the past so going with stock uniforms doesn’t mean you have to look boring on the mat.  You can achieve any look you want with stock uniforms whether you want your wrestlers to look fast, tough or sharp you will find what you’re looking for in the vast selection of products available at  A family tradition since 1931 and your one stop source for all of your wrestling needs.