How To Order Swimming Pool Lane Lines

Every competition swimming pool has lane lines and once and a while they need to be replaced.  Then there are all the new swimming pools and cases when a complete set of lane lines is needed.  Many equipment managers are not swimming specific so information required when ordering lane lines is not common knowledge although it is very simple.

First let’s take a look at some of the available models.  The main choice is the diameter of the discs.  The usual options are 4” or 6”.  Both sizes are made in a similar fashion.  Their design features fins on either side of the individual discs that assist to calm the surface of the water.  The round discs are threaded on a stainless steel line that is stretched down the length of the pool and attached to either end. 

So the first and most important piece of information you’re going to need to place your order is the length required.  Once you’ve got that measured you can get down to the particulars.  Start by picking your colors.  Most customers order alternating colors for the main length of the lane line.  The standard is to alternate colors every 12” of lane line.   The last 15 feet of the lane lines is a solid color. SO let’s say your center colors are royal and gold alternating you should select either royal or gold for the last 15 feet of each end.  There is one more color choice you need to make and that is for the 15 meter markers or backstroke markers.  These 2 discs are set at 15 meters from the end of the line and must be completely different color such as red in our scenario.  These discs assist backstroke swimmers in judging the distance they have left to swim before they turn.  We wouldn’t want anyone bumping their heads at the end of the pool.

High quality lane lines such as the Gold Medal Lane Lines will feature quality materials like stainless steel cables, brackets and hooks so there is no chance or rusting.  Shipping can be quite expensive on lane lines but one quick tip is to buy a few at a time if possible.  That will divide the shipping charge up more making the per piece cost much lower and can save you hundreds of dollars over ordering 1 lane line per year to replace existing lines.  If this is your first lane line purchase you should also purchase enough storage reels to hold your lanes lines.  Storage reels make it easy to transport your lines and assist in keeping them in good condition.  A storage reel cover should also be purchase, especially if your lane lines will be stored outdoors.  This will protect them from the sun as well as the other elements.

You will find a complete selection of high quality lane lines at along with all of your other swimming needs.