How To Make Fundraising For Your Team Easy!

So you may own one or at least you’ve been jealous of someone who had one.  Stadium chairs are awesome!  It’s true- with a simple, inexpensive stadium chair you can make your uncomfortable bleacher seat a comfortable place to enjoy the game.

stadium chairs 3Seriously who wants to put in a hard day of work only to go sit on some aluminium bleachers for a couple hours while you watch your kids game?  No one… that’s who.  That is precisely why stadium chairs make such a great fundraising item.

Parents will line up to buy a stadium chair with their kids team name printed on it.  They will be happy to fork over their hard earned cash  for two reasons.

  1.  Hey who doesn’t want to help the booster club raise some money for the team.
  2.  The sweet knowledge that in moments they will be sitting in comfort on those wood or aluminum bleachers.  This particularly true for cold outdoor bleachers.

stadium chair closer lookNow stadium chairs are not cheap but you get what you pay for.  The stadium chairs at are top of the line in quality and comfort.  That’s why there are thousands of them being used out there.  It’s an investment that lasts.  We have many booster clubs order them every year.  Parents would rather spend money on a quality long lasting item then cheap over priced gimmicks.

Now we’ve made it an even better fund raising idea by offering some accessories for the chairs.

The first accessory we offer is legs for your stadium chairs.  That’s right legs!  No longer do stadium chair legsyou need to leave your stadium chair home when you know you’ll be sitting on grass.  The stadium chair legs attached quickly and securely to the bottom of your stadium chair making it into a convenient, comfortable “lawn chair”.  Perfect for soccer and lacrosse games.

The second accessory is new and pretty cool.  To have the ultimate stadium chair every parent will need to purchase the stadium chair arms.  These new stadium chair arms offer the ultimate in comfort and turn your stadium chair into the Cadillac of sports spectator seating.


So there it is-  a great fundraising idea that is being used all around the country.  You can stadium chair armspromote your team, offer team supporters an item with lasting quality that will make their lives much more comfortable and best part is rather than making 50 cents per sale you can make $10 to $20 per chair to raise funds for your team.  I should also mention that drinking warm coffee or eating a tasty brownie is also better in your stadium chair so you could probably keep selling those to raise money too.

Morley Athletic Supply is your #1 source for stadium chairs and all the stadium chair accessories.  We enjoy working with each customer to make sure you get the chairs you want, when you need them.  Call us today at 1-800-811-1931 to learn more or check out our chairs at  There’s a reason were #1 in custom seating for sporting events.  Don’t you deserve to work with the best?