While swimming involves some of the biggest equipment in the team sports industry, mainly the pool, there is still some smaller equipment that is needed to have swim meets and practice.  One piece of equipment you will need is a pace clock.  There are several models to choose from and this article will go over some of the options.

There are a few manufacturers of pace clocks and all of them have been in the swimming industry for many years.  The Competitor Swimming and Maric Timing pace clocks tend to be the most popular although the new models offered by Finis certainly offer the latest technology.  Sometimes I guess the models that are tried and true are hard to beat. 

When deciding on a pace clock one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is how you are going to power the unit.  Of course swimming being a water sport many people gravitate quickly to battery operated models to reduce any risk of electricity and water mixing.  Plug in electric models can be more convenient however as replacing batteries in the middle of a swim meet or practice will not be an issue.   I think this is the reason that plug in models are most popular.

The next decision to make is what size to purchase.  Swimming pace clocks come in a few different sizes.  The square models from Maric are available in 3 sizes.  The largest is 30 inches, then a 20 inch model and finally a 15 inch model.  The octagonal shape models by Competitor Swimming come in your choice of a 15 inch size or a 31 inch size.  Obviously the larger the clock the easier it is to read so my suggestion is that you purchase the largest model your budget will allow.  The smaller pace clocks are usually used for less competitive activities like water aerobics or personal training.  Some smaller models are only available in battery powered designs.

While swimming pace clocks do not feature the most high tech of modern technologies different models do offer different features.  The Competitor pace clocks feature a real Plexiglas® lens for durability and protection from splashing and weather.  The minute and second hands are made of a new alloy to resist warping.  The Maric pace clocks offer  a built in stand, shatter resistant acrylic lens and a vented design that lets the heat out of the clock to keep the hands and face from going out of shape.  Competitor pace clocks offer durable plastic cases designed for all weather use while Maric pace clocks use a rugged weather proof aluminum case that has been powder coated for durability. 

As you can see both of these manufacturers have completely different designs.  That being said both designs have functioned for years and become the most popular pace clocks for swimming.  No matter which of these designs you go with you know you will have trouble free operation.  You will find a complete line up of Competitor and Maric swimming pace clocks along with digital pace clocks and lap counters at  While you’re there shop our entire selection of swimming equipment, supplies and swim suits for competitive swimmers and find out why Morley Athletic has been “A Family Tradition Since 1931!”.