Fundraising With Custom Sideline Chairs….

So one of our customers suggested a great idea for fundraising.  It will require a little bit of a gamble but they say it’s worked out well for them in the past.  When they purchased their

custom sideline chairs from us they bought a few extra chairs. Then during basketball season they raffle off the extra chairs.

Sideline chairs are not inexpensive but if you pay $90 for a chair and you sell 100 raffle tickets at $5 each, you can do the math.  That’s represents a substantial profit to add to your booster club account.

So a simple idea to spread out there. If you are buying sideline chairs add a few extra chairs to the order.  That will give you a chair or two to raffle of over the course of a few years allowing you to raise a substantial amount of money without having to invest a huge amount of time.

The one catch is that if you want to buy more chairs, after already receiving your main order their is a minimum order of 12 sideline chairs.  This can be easy to work around though- you can go in with other sports- between boys basketball, girls basketball, volleyball, wrestling and all your other programs its conceivable that you would place and order for 12-24 chairs every year to keep the fundraiser going on an annual basis.

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