Fight the Night with Solar Court Lights

Give your court a professional look with the Vision Solar Basketball Court Light. The Court Vision solar powered court light is great for lighting up any outdoor court at night. It’s built to be durable and resist shaking due to vibration from gameplay. This light was designed to make installation easier without requiring special lifting equipment. The hinged anchor base allows the post and lamp to be 100% assembled at ground level before standing upright. The anchor bolt installation allows easy post leveling making installation easy. The solar design helps save money and time. The battery on top of the lamp charges up to 16 hours of usage without needing to recharge so a cloudy day or two won’t ruin play at night. 

Vision solar basketball court light

Easy instalation into a concrete surface also allows the unit to be easily removed depending on the season. Simply bolt the bracket into your concrete anchor pad and you’re good to go.

A remote control gives you easy access to all your lighting options.

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