Classic Endurance Training Method

original-heavy-rope-thumbEverybody should be familiar with this classic cardiovascular training aid.

The Original Heavy Rope® jump rope is a weighted jump rope allowing an athlete to gain both a cardiovascular & upper-body strength workout in one. It’s available in 1,2,4,5 and 6 pound weights. A suggested training program is included with each rope.

The worlds best, first & only, original weighted, totally patented jump rope



Think outside the box when it comes to training, the Original Heavy Rope can be used for many sports.


Heavy Rope strengthens the shoulder and rotator cuff which improves pitchers performance and arm strength.  This is great for any infielder or outfielder as well.


The lighter Heavy ropes help players increase their anaerobic captivity therefore increasing their endurance.  It also increase the basketball players upper body strength without compromising their flexibility.


Everybody knows that boxers and MMA athletes use jump ropes.  The Heavy Rope is a staple and it efficiently increases a fighter’s foot speed and upper body strength.


Skill position players will improve foot speed and of course upper body strength.  Heavy Rope is a challenge even to the strongest of athletes.


When using the lighter weighted ropes players get an overall benefit to the body with a particular focus on improved leg strength.


Players are simulate an overhand motion by extending their arms slightly for the body.  This adjustment enable the Heavy Rope to help improve serve and overhand smash strength.

We suggest you pick one of these up and if you have a large team 1 of each weight so you they can find the right weight for them.