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Wild Wrestling Gear

Wrestling gear is becoming more sophisticated every day.  People are thinking of innovative ideas to help increase wrestlers performance, decrease their expenses and increase their coolness.  Below are some innovative products that help do just that. Cliff Keen Bring-It Training T-Shirt This is a T-shirt that can help create a champion.  Single leg head position, inside hand fighting position.  Blast

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The Sublimation Secret

It seems to me that there is a secret out there that is slowly spreading across the country.  Despite a lot of marketing money being spent to spread the word the most people don’t seem to know the secret.  That secret is sublimated wrestling singlets.  Now maybe the majority of people are just afraid to spend their budget dollars on

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What are your athletes spreading?

One of the most important safety factors in sports today is cleanliness.  There are many things that can make athletes sick, viruses, bacteria, ring worm, ect.  Schools have had these problems through out the years, which has made cleanliness one of the top safety issues in athletics today.  You may be familiar with MRSA because you read it in the

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