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R You Ready For The R Helmet?

The new Cascade R Lacrosse Helmet has new and innovative features that make it stand out from the crowd. The R helmet marks the most advanced impact management system Cascade has ever created. The dual SevenTech™ and Poron®XRD™ liner system addresses both high and low energy impacts. An aggressive design that is distinctively Cascade, The R conveys speed, power, and

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Get Yours Before 2015- SafetyMax+ Vault Box Collar

In case you haven’t heard yet you’re going to need a new vault box collar before 2015.  The SafetyMax+ Vault Box Collar is the model you need and you can find them on sale at, look under track and field.  Here are some details… The new SafetyMax+ Vault Box Collar provides additional protection by padding exposed hard surfaces, features

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Centerfold of the Month… By Igloo?….

She is a beauty my friends and worthy of a centerfold spread.  With winter fading across the country and the sun flirting with us it’s only a mater of time before hydration becomes an important topic in the athletics business.  Whether your sucking down your favorite sports drink by the gallon or just sipping some plain old water it’s important

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