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GEN2 Hydration

So if you’ve owned or been looking to purchase a nice hydration system you’ve seen that there is now Gen2 systems from WaterBoy Sports.  So what’s the difference? There are significant improvements that have been made to the WaterBoy HPMT-G2 that makes it much superior to the original HPMT. The main difference is with the wagon. The G2 wagon is

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Can Small Schools Make Great Teams… Together?

Small Schools Great Teams

Things are changing across the country.  People are following jobs and often rural schools are becoming even more rural.  While a lot of parents may like the fact that their children go to a small school shrinking enrollment has adverse effects on athletics. Many small schools are finding it difficult to field teams and are faced with ending some of

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Prime Shot Puts Break Records… They Don’t Break The Bank!

Prime Shots

Let’s face it track and field implements can get pretty pricey.  The days of spending hundreds of dollars on shot puts is over now.  Prime Shot Puts are made to the highest standards so you know you’re getting a quality product. The Prime Turned Iron shot puts are quickly becoming a favorite among competitors.  Prime didn’t stop there though.  You

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