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Soccer Scorebooks – Which One Scores The Highest

In the world of soccer scorebooks there are many choices.  Some manufactured by scorebook companies others by well know soccer manufacturers.  So which one do you buy?  Most coaches use whatever scorebook they first started with only switching if another is recommended by a fellow coach, why try something new if what you have is working.  Others go with the

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Brine Soccer Balls

Many years ago an entrepreneur had a brilliant idea.  Make soccer balls in colors.  It was this simple idea that helped launch one of the most successful soccer brands… Brine. Brine offers a full line of soccer balls, shin guards, goalie gloves and accessories.  They have brought innovation, technology and quality to the sport over the years and their current

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What makes a soccer goal?

Anyone in the market for soccer goals is sure to notice some stark differences in pricing.  I have seen goals selling for as little as $1600.00 per pair all the way up to over $4,000 per pair.  All of these are official size goals meeting NFHS and NCAA standards and they look similar.  So…What are you paying for if you

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