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Weather Treated LAX Nets Save You Money

Weather Treated Lax Nets

Everyone is always looking for the lax net that will last longer without having to be brought inside all the time.  Regular nets in 4mm, 5mm or even 6mm re great but there is a better solution. Weather treated lacrosse nets may be a smaller diameter netting but they are treated to last outside even in rainy weather. Buy weather

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Classic Endurance Training Method

Original Heavy rope

Everybody should be familiar with this classic cardiovascular training aid. The Original Heavy Rope® jump rope is a weighted jump rope allowing an athlete to gain both a cardiovascular & upper-body strength workout in one. It’s available in 1,2,4,5 and 6 pound weights. A suggested training program is included with each rope. The worlds best, first & only, original weighted,

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Hydration is Serious Business

Soon enough we’ll all stop complaining about he cold and start complaining about the heat. That means keeping our athletes hydrated on the field is going to be important.  We offer a ton of systems for hydration from the large Waterboy powered hydration units you two behind a tractor to simple water bottles. Technology has certainly changed the hydration market

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YES A Bluetooth Stopwatch That Will Change Your Life!

Ultrak Stopwatch

The Ultrak BTS Bluetooth Stopwatch is the world’s first Bluetooth stopwatch with the ability to connect to your smartphone! Our innovative and one-of-a-kind timer allows users to quickly and easily transfer timing records from their stopwatch directly to a free app available in the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). From the app, records can be organized

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