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The Cadillac Of Fleece Hoodies!!

There is a lot of competition out there when it comes to hoodies.  From the big brands to the little guys on the block it seems every clothing manufacturer out there has a few hoodies to offer.  One company who we never really considered offering to our customer when it came to hoodies was Rawlings but that may have been

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Practice Like a Warrior

Soldiers in every country train for battles.  Sports players practice for games.  What they do is very different but the reason they do it is not.  There are psychological and physical benefits to practicing for situations of high stress like battles and games.  Psychologically we train to build confidence under pressure.  We also train so that we become offensive and head

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Stopwatch or Transformer?

Do you have problems seeing your stopwatch?  Do you have trouble figuring out what each button is because they are so small?  Do you wish your stopwatch had bigger digits and was easier to read?  How about versatility, do you wish it could go on your wrist, be held on your hand, or even be clipped to a clip board? 

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A Timing System For Any Budget

When it comes to timing your average road race most memory stopwatches can’t handle the job.  Your average road race has hundreds if not thousands of participants making your average 300 to 500 memory stopwatch ill-suited for the job. Which in the past has left you wishing you had a couple thousand dollars to invest into a timing system.  Well

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