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A Personal Pitcher Can Improve Your Game

Every ball player out there wants to be able to smash the ball like Babe Ruth.  The only question is who is gonna put in those countless hours of practice they need to build that confidence and become great.  Sure coach has a lot of practices planned but to become a reliable home run hitter you’re going to need a

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Indoor Pitching Mounds

Here in the Great North East winter has descended upon us with all of her glory… snow, sleet, negative temperatures and very few daylight hours.  That being said there is still hope for all of you baseball and softball players out there, especially pitchers. As you should know by now becoming a great pitcher requires hours upon hours of training

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Molecules with Large Molecular Mass

If I asked you what the date June 4, 1838 was significant for most people would struggle for an answer.  That my friend is the day the first organized game of baseball was played.   By the 1860’s semi pro baseball had started and soon farm teams were taking over the Midwest.  It wasn’t long before every kid across the

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Little League Ruling 1.06

“Rule 1.06: Beginning with the 2008 season, it will become mandatory that all leagues utilize bases that disengage their anchor. Leagues are encouraged to begin the process of implementing these types of base systems during the current season on all their fields so that the process is completed by the 2008 season.” -2006 Baseball & Softball Little League Rule Book.

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