Can Small Schools Make Great Teams… Together?

Things are changing across the country.  People are following jobs and often rural schools SMALL SCHOOL TEAMWORKare becoming even more rural.  While a lot of parents may like the fact that their children go to a small school shrinking enrollment has adverse effects on athletics.

Many small schools are finding it difficult to field teams and are faced with ending some of their programs.  This has some coaches and athletic directors asking themselves some tough questions.  What’s worse… not having a football program anymore or joining forces with your local rival school to make one outstanding program.

That’s right… for the good of both schools it may be necessary to drop that 30 year old rivalry to save your program.

You’ll find a great article about how this type of arrangement can work for you in this months NFHS newsletter.  Here’s a link to the article.

Cooperative Programs Keep Athletics Alive for Small Schools