Build Your Brand…. Promote Your Athletic Program Like A Pro!

One of the reasons I have always gotten along well with athletic directors is because in many ways we are very similar.  Running an athletic program is very much like running a PROMOTEPROGRAMFIbusiness.  Besides the obvious similarities like sticking to budgets and recruiting the best for your team working in the background are many more similarities.

One of these similarities that is often over looked is promotion.  As a business person I want you, the potential customer, to know that the business I run is one that you want to be involved with.  The same goes for your athletic program, you want to recruit the best players, coaches, booster club presidents and give the image of a great program that’s not only providing a service to your athletes but also to the community.  In essence you need to build your brand and promote your product just like we do.

This months NFHS newsletter offers a fantastic article by By Chad Goebert, CAA that will get you on the right track to promoting your program.  Don’t overlook this important aspect of the job.  A great promotion strategy will get more people involved in your athletic programs, build community support and you will find the benefits are endless.

Check out the article here: