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Cranbarry Grays Goalie Package F1

Field hockey goalies have always been plagued by the fact that to fully outfit with decent gear you need to spend thousands of dollars.  This has always made getting into the sport a pretty expensive proposition. Some manufacturers have come out with decent youth starter sets that will save younger players some hard earned cash but in most cases these

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Can Small Schools Make Great Teams… Together?

Small Schools Great Teams

Things are changing across the country.  People are following jobs and often rural schools are becoming even more rural.  While a lot of parents may like the fact that their children go to a small school shrinking enrollment has adverse effects on athletics. Many small schools are finding it difficult to field teams and are faced with ending some of

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Build Your Brand…. Promote Your Athletic Program Like A Pro!

Build Your Brand

One of the reasons I have always gotten along well with athletic directors is because in many ways we are very similar.  Running an athletic program is very much like running a business.  Besides the obvious similarities like sticking to budgets and recruiting the best for your team working in the background are many more similarities. One of these similarities

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