Are You Prepared To Repair On The Field?

As a coach you have a lot to remember and think about on the field.  From your strategy to your opponents strategy, which players to play and how to play them to their fullest potential, coaching is a fast paced job.

DeluxeFRKOne of the things you don’t want to have to worry about is repairing your players shoulder pads or helmets on the field during a game.  Every coach should have a field repair kit on hand with all the parts and tools needed to quickly fix shoulder pads and helmets.

Our recommendation is the Deluxe Varsity Field Repair Kit.  It contents will be there when you need them to save the day.

The Deluxe Field Repair Kit come with 60% more hardware than the above standard kits.  This assortment of helmet and shoulder pad hardware will keep any team running smooth.  Also included are laces, football cleats with wrench, 2 screw drivers, pliers, a helmet pump, eye black, whistle w/lanyard, ball sealant, inflation gauge and ball inflation needles. With this kit you can tackle any job.  Every team should have one of these.  The quick access case keeps everything organized and easily accessible.

In stock right now- call 1-800-811-1931 to buy yours today or to request a quick free quote so that you can request a purchase order.