80/20 Fitness Top Three

So everyone out there is applying the 80/20 principle to their lives.  You know where you focus on doing the 20 percent of things that produce 80 percent of the outcome.  Simple idea and honestly I think I agree with it.  So to apply that to fitness you just need to look at modern science behind exercise.  You will find tons of information online that basically says in a nutshell that you don’t have to spend hours working out.  Simply put in the 20 percent of the workout that produces 80 percent of the result.  Translated this means- work out really hard for a short period of time.  It’s an idea built around other modern exercise ideas like interval training.  So if you want to give it a try it’s not that hard.  To make it easier here is my top 3 equipment picks for delivering exercise in an 80/20 format.  Don’t forget though that you’re the one that’s going to have to push yourself hard enough with these tools to produce the result. 


You can use kettlebells in tons of ways making it possible to work most if not all muscle groups.   My favorite use for kettlebells, and what works for me and my minimalist approach is the kettlebell swing.  The basic idea is you stand with your legs apart and swing your kettlebell straight in front of you the trick being that you’re not going to use your arm muscles but rather a hip thrust motion that will make muscles throughout your body lift the kettlebell and swing it in front of you.

Now it sounds easy but once you reach your maximum weight it won’t take many reps to get your heart rate up, the sweat flowing and your muscles fatigued.  I use kettlebells as a major part of my fitness routine.  It saves me a ton of time that I would normally have to spend doing several different exercises with higher reps and sets, to meet the same workout level.

Power Conditioning Ropes

Power Conditioning ropes are similar to what tug-of-war ropes or climbing ropes are made of.  You take this 1-1/2″, 40 foot long rope, thread it through a metal loop anchor bracket that has been attached to the wall so that you now have two 20′ long ropes.  Grab one with your left hand, one with your right hand and whip them up and down in a wave motion.  Sounds easy but it’s quite a workout.  This one will really get your heart pumping and gives your core a great workout in a short time.

Jump Ropes

The Super Speed Rope is extremely fast, easy to use and perfectly balanced.  The coated stainless steel cable is attached to metal ball bearings inside of the durable plastic handles.  This is a serious piece of work out equipment.  Once a customer uses the super speed rope they will never go back to those flimsy alternatives.  This rope lets you really push yourself.  My jump rope routine is an interval type with ten 30 second intervals where I push as hard as I can and ten 30 second intervals where I slow it down so I can catch my breath.  Some days I don’t even finish the set and I’ll keep sweating for about 30 to 45 minutes after I finish.

So that’s my top three.  Give them a try and you will like the results.  Remember you don’t need to spend hours or even a half an hour on any of these.  All of the above can be used to work up a sweat fast while you increase cardiovascular health, endurance and power.  You can buy all three at www.morleyathletic.com where you’ll find over 10,000 items online.