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#1 Selection of Courtclean Basketball Court Floor Mops!

We have all the court clean products you need to keep your basketball court and gym floor clean.  We have the court clean TKH400 which is a great basketball court sweeper.  Get a court clean damp mop systems and some replacement court clean towels.  Courtclean is a trust brand by High Schools across the nation.

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"We use Courtclean all the time. Their products are the best in the business and their management is first class!"                                                                                                             
Coach Zachary Johnson, Varsity Basketball Coach, Foothill High School, California


“The Courtclean Damp Mop System provides a complete and easy process in cleaning our portable floors. Time is extremely important. Take down time has to be fast and the portable floor has to be clean before being put into storage. Courtclean provides a system that meets the tight schedule of the operations department.”  
Ron Davidson, Director of Portable Floors, Connor Sports Flooring

   “The Courtclean Damp Mop System is by far the most effective tool for cleaning sports floors. It safely removes body oils, saliva, and food spills from both wood and synthetic floors. It's quick and easy . No matter how large or small your sport floor, Courtlclean effectively cleans in minutes, dries immediately and helps prevent slippery floors.”
J. O'Malley, President, Gym Floor Resource

"I use the Courtclean Damp Mop System everyday. In less than 5 minutes I’m able to wet mop the entire court. The fact that it dries immediately allows me to get right to work coaching my team."
Richard Bossenmeyer, Coach, Tustin High School
, California


"Courtclean is by far the most amazing product on the market for gymnasium care and maintenance. Coaches are amazed at the squeaky clean traction that exists after using Courtclean. In our area, we have a sand problem that causes slipperiness. With just one pass of the Courtclean Damp Mop System we’re ready to play. During our Kingdom USA National Tourney humidity started to build up. Courtclean immediately brought the floor back to playable conditions.”
Jim Haley, Coach, Vanguard High School, Florida


"With over 100 years of history within the Basketball floor care arena, we’ve seen products come and go. Courtclean is exceptional. It is easy to use, picks up dirt and debris that are left behind by other inferior products. When using our Super Shine All or Re-Juv-Nal on large flooring surfaces, there is no better tool than Courtclean.”
Steve Hunter, General Manager, Hillyard Industries, Los Angeles


"I can honestly say that there is no better product than Courtclean® for cleaning a gym floor. Even after our maintenance staff had washed and buffed the gym floor, we would go over with the Courtclean. I was amazed at the excess dirt and dust that was missed by the buffer. In over 20 years of coaching I have never heard so many ‘squeaky sneakers’ in one gym. Every gym floor needs Courtclean!"
Joe Logan, Head Women’s Basketball Coach, Loyola College, MD


"We have over 100 kids using our mats over a day's time, so it's important to keep them clean to avoid the transfer of germs and bacteria. The Courtclean Damp Mop System is better and more effective than a standard mop. It's so fast and easy that it is no longer a chore and only takes 10 minutes to use."
Alan Clinton, Athletic Director/Head Wrestling Coach, Servite High School, California


"Courtclean is one of the best investments our athletic department has ever made. It's easy, fast and the results are amazing. Everyone comments on how great our floor looks and it is all thanks to Courtclean."
JR Pouncey, Facility Manager, Pace University


“Our gymnasium was built in 1924. It has been through the wear and tear of Navy Sailors and Marines PT sessions, basketball games and martial arts courses. Recently I purchased a Courtclean Damp Mop System and immediately saw the difference it made to our floor. Now after boots trample dirt and dust in, one wipe down with the Courtclean restores the shine and grip on the floor. With Courtclean our floor looks and feels like new."
Henry Garrard, Sports Specialist, Naval Support Facility Indian Head


“We just had our gym floor resurfaced and wanted to begin cleaning it properly. We use the Courtclean Damp Mop System everyday and the gym looks great and the floor is so much better to play on.”
Phil Sanchez, Athletic Director, St. Jeanne de Lestonnac School, California